Prof. David Llewelyn Snellgrove FBA - My story...


A huge thankyou must go to Dr. Tadeusz Skorupski for the mammoth task of putting this info into a form that could be uploaded and presented online.. (David S.)


The fullest account of Snellgrove’s activities and travels is given in his bulky book Asian Commitment, Travels and Studies in the Indian Sub-Continent and South-East Asia, Bangkok, Orchid Press, 2000. This book recounts all his travels in India, the Himalayas, Nepal and Sri Lanka between 1943 and 1982, and all his travels in South-East Asia from 1987 to 1998. An earlier profile of his life is written by Tadeusz Skorupski, “The Life and Adventures of David Snellgrove”, published in Indo-Tibetan Studies, Papers in Honour and Appreciation of Professor David L. Snellgrove’s Contribution to Indo-Tibetan Studies, Tring U.K., Institute of Buddhist Studies, 1990, 1-21. This version briefly recounts his life and travels up to the time of his retirement from the University of London in September 1982, and his relocation to Italy the following year. On the Internet Wikipedia hosts a brief sketch of Snellgrove’s life and a list of his major publications.

In the narrative that now follows David Snellgrove, aged 92, sketches a slightly modified and abridged version of his academic activities and travels. In the body of this version, page references are given to his Asian Commitment, which as indicated above contains full accounts of his activities and travels. References are also given to his other books, which largely stem from his research travels, and contain partial or full accounts of his journeys to India and the Himalayan regions in 1953-1954, 1956, 1960-1961, and 1974-1975: Buddhist Himalaya, Travels and Studies in Quest of the Origins and Nature of Tibetan Religion, first published by Bruno Cassirer, Oxford 1957, first reprint by Himalayan Book Sellers, Kathmandu 1995, second reprint by Orchid Press, Bangkok 2011. Himalayan Pilgrimage, first published by Bruno Cassirer, Oxford 1961, recently reprinted by Orchid Press, Bangkok 2011, with an added eulogy of Pasang who died in 1986. Four Lamas of Dolpo, two volumes, first published by Bruno Cassirer, Oxford 1967, volume one reprinted by Himalayan Booksellers, Kathmandu 1992, and a set of two volumes reprinted by Orchid Press, Bangkok 2011. Jointly with T. Skorupski, The Cultural Heritage of Ladakh, volume one, Warminster, Aris & Phillips, 1977, and volume two, also published by Aris & Phillips in 1980. Two of his books on the history and culture of the Khmers are largely the outcome of his archaeological explorations in Cambodia and Thailand: Khmer Civilization and Angkor, Bangkok, Orchid Press, 2001. Angkor, Before and After, A Cultural History of the Khmers, Bangkok, Orchid Press, 2004. His travels in Indonesia, largely extracted with some modifications from his Asian Commitment, are due to be published in a separate book entitled Oceanic South East Asia, currently in press with Orchid Press in Bangkok.